Associated Press to record US election results in Ethereum Blockade

The integration of bloc technology takes place almost every day, for example, Associated Press (AP) recently selected the Ethereum bloc to keep statistics on the latest US presidential elections.

A non-profit information agency, founded almost 200 years ago, has been counting votes since it was founded in 1848 and will do the same this year, collecting, checking votes and announcing winners in 7,000 elections.

Most importantly, however, in 2020 Associated Press (AP) will use the Ethereum block system to record the counting of votes in the current US presidential election. For the first time, a decentralised computer system will be used to record one of the largest election campaigns.

As the vote counting process is still ongoing, the AP developer website invites survey organisers to integrate their electoral systems with the „AP Elections API“. In this way, the election results application of an election organisation can directly extract election race information from the specified API.

Organisations conducting surveys will be able to obtain two important information components from the AP Elections API:

  • information about the election race, including voter updates;
  • election reports.

The AP uses a blockbuster-based information platform, the Everipedia OraQle software, to record the US election race at the blockbuster. According to the information on the website, developers can access smart contracts on Ethereum/

What is the benefit of using the blockchain to publish data? An information agency that has been doing this for just over 170 years published the results on its website, but the centralised server often became a prey for hackers. And as you know, internet criminals can falsify election results.

Even the internal AP team can lose data forever due to updates or, for example, link exchanges. However, in the siege, in this case Ethereum, the election results will always be available, at least as long as the nodes keep working.

Meanwhile, the launch of Ethereum 2.0 is approaching, which is confirmed by the release of the deposit contract.